Functional Philosophy

At Functional Health and Wellness, our philosophy is simple. By following our 3 pillars of strength, flexibility, and posture, people achieve their movement goals and are able to keep future injuries from returning. At Functional Health and Wellness we don’t want people living in fear of injury and pain. We want to liberate them from worry and concern and give them confidence in their own bodies and their ability to move freely and functionally through life.


Inspiring Wellness – The Story of Functional Health and Wellness


Functional Health and Wellness was born after Dr. Todd spent several years working in an outpatient physical therapy setting.  Dr. Todd saw that there was a need for a more personalized approach to physical therapy. He was frustrated with the myopic “assembly line” model to which many clinics subscribe – one where patients are treated like just another number, and often put in the care of less than qualified individuals.  He discovered that the majority of patients were frustrated with this sub-par physical therapy experience as well. So he set out create an experience that treated not just the specific condition, but the entire person. At Functional Health and Wellness, we create personalized, unique treatment programs tailored to the needs of the individual. This approach ensures that our patients get the professional care and one-to-one attention they need to realize a full recovery.  


Independently Healthy 

When our patients “graduate” from our physical therapy program, they are what we call ‘Independently Healthy’.  They are typically pain and injury free, as well as confident that they have the tools and knowledge to stay healthy for years to come. It feels so good to be Independently Healthy! From the first day of your treatment, until the day you are fully recovered, you will see firsthand how we strive to inspire wellness.

"Dr. Todd and his staff are amazing. I have had 2 injuries and the rehab and strength plans that were designed were incredible. Dr. Todd invests time into each of his patients and is able to truly be a partner in the process..."
– David J.