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Welcome to FUNCTIONAL HEALTH + WELLNESS. We provide sports, orthopedic, and health-minded persons in Oak Park and Chicagoland with the means and opportunity for improved health and functional independence. Our patients come to us seeking the opportunity for healing and improved physical status through physical therapy. We are their ally for health by providing personalized, holistic, healing…for LIFE.

Schedule your first evaluation with Functional Health and Wellness today. Dr. Todd will sit down and consult with you on a program that gives you the functionality needed to get you back to your desired healthful state.

Metagenics Nutritional Supplements

After extensive research on nutritional supplements, Dr Todd now recommends Metagenics. Why search the stores for the right supplement when he's already done the work? Visit the Metagenics online store.

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Functional Capacity Evaluations

A FCE is a physical assessment of someone's ability to perform their work related duties. With our specialized equipment, we are able to perform these precise tests at our facilities.

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More than Just Physical Therapy

We now offer our patients the opportunity tor receive Massage Therapy and Reflexology sessions in our clinic. Please contact our office to learn more about these service offerings or to book your appointment today.

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