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Functional Health and Wellness recognizes the importance of complete therapy, from beginning to end, but we also realize the parameters our patients are faced with, physically and financially. We are dedicated to instituting an all-inclusive rehabilitation program designed to permit individuals suffering from orthopedic, sports, and work-related injuries to initiate therapy at an earlier, more essential stage of recovery and continue until the desired level of rehabilitation is met.

Functional Health and Wellness provides full span physical therapy. Patients can start as early as permitted and continue until full function is achieved. The head therapist, Ryan Todd, DPT, BS, HHC will provide an initial evaluation to determine the proper therapy program for his patients. Upon evaluation, the head therapist will determine how frequently the patient needs to come to therapy based on their physician's initial prescription and his own professional evaluation. At this time he will also establish the appropriate combination of clinical physical therapy that particular patient needs in order to reach an optimal state of recovery.

Functional Health and Wellness
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