Biohacking and Physical Therapy - What's the Link?

What is Biohacking?
Biohacking is the process of creating both an internal and external environment that optimizes performance, health, longevity, and happiness.  In other words, biohacking is the art of being awesome, and kicking ass.

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Here at Functional Health and Wellness, we have always sought out and promoted the very best ways to heal from injury, feel better, and stay better.  Our founder, Dr. Ryan Todd, DPT has spent over 20 years acquiring the tools and knowledge to help his patients and clients realize their highest human potential.  Most recently, Dr. Todd graduated from the Bulletproof Coaching Institute and was certified as one of the first 150 Bulletproof Coaches in the world. 
Being a patient or client at Functional Health and Wellness is a unique experience.  You’ll notice that you are almost always given 1 to 1 treatment in a positive environment that is conducive to healing.

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What you might not know is that Functional Health and Wellness offers a great deal of value-added bonuses that most conventional and big-box clinics do not and will not offer.  If you look around the clinic, you will see several laminated signs.  These signs will explain various BIOHACKS that we offer to you just for being a patient with us.  There is a good chance you have already used one or more of our exclusive BIOHACKS, however if you have not, or you have specific questions that go beyond the informational signs, just let us know.

Here is a list of just a few of our most popular BIOHACKS:

1. ARX (Adaptive Resistive Exercise) Alpha Strength Training Unit
2. Bulletproof VIBE Whole Body Vibration Plate
3. Amber Hue Overhead Lighting
4. Theragun Tissue Release Instrument

In future blog posts, we will explain these and other BIOHACKS in more detail.  In the meantime, please check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates and to keep connected on what we are up to at Functional Health and Wellness.
Here’s to your health, happiness, and longevity!