Let's Talk About Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Medical Therapeutic Yoga is a methodology for using yoga in health care and wellness care as a form of integrative and functional medicine by licensed health care professionals. Yoga therapy at Functional Health and Wellness is different than your local yoga class as you are practicing under the medical expertise of a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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Who can benefit from Yoga Therapy?

- people who currently practice yoga regularly and are concerned about pain/problems in certain poses

- people who used to practice yoga regularly but have been limiting their practice due to injury

- people who are interested in finding the right yoga practice for their body despite a chronic injury or prior surgery

- people who thought they didn't have enough flexibility to try yoga

How can Yoga Therapy help me?

Dr. Fuerst utilizes poses (asanas), breathwork (pranyama), and other fundamental pillars of yoga (such as mindfulness and meditation) to rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain, and improve the overall wellness of her patients. Yoga is not limited to stretching and improving flexibility. Different yogis practice for different reasons: some to improve flexibility, improve strength, improve overall fitness, improve balance, improve respiratory health, work on stress relief, work on mental health, and practice meditation.

Sounds great! When should I start?

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Now is the right time to learn to be the best version of yourself. Whatever your goal, Dr. Fuerst at Functional Health and Wellness can help you achieve it in a safe and effective way. She understands that there is more to health and wellness than just "big-box" conventional Physical Therapy, and strives to help you achieve your highest level through holistic services.