MedX Lumbar Extension Machine for Spinal Rehabilitation

Functional Health and Wellness exclusively offers the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine to strengthen the lower back for injury prevention but also to treat patients with chronic low back pain. The MedX Lumbar Extension Machine provides functional testing and spinal therapy.  A unique system of pelvic stabilization provides true isolation of the deep muscles of the lumbar spine.  Weakness of these muscles can be responsible for chronic disability and persistent or recurring pain.

By testing patients on this computer-interfaced equipment, Dr Todd is able to pinpoint weakness in the back and come up with an individualized strengthening program.  This unique machine can provide a wide array of advanced outcomes for:

-       Health Care Practitioners- To benchmark injuries, provide rehab and track progress

-       Surgeons- To document function pre and post surgery

-       Physicians- To determine patient’s back condition and determine appropriate progress

-       Sports- To identify an imbalance and provide exercise to prevent future injuries

-       Employers- To benchmark a workers pre-injury work function to prevent future back injuries

-       Various Payers- To determine validity of a back injury and track treatment progress

We have had patients find us online after researching the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine because we are one of the few practices in the area that has it. The next closest is in Indiana.  Let’s face it, back problems are very common.  Why not fix the problem before it occurs? 

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